Photo by: Purwo Kuncoro



From the Field: Nicole Squyres

From the Field
Nicole Squyres is a PhD candidate from Johns Hopkins University. She was awarded a Leakey Foundation research grant in our fall 2014 cycle for her project entitled “Morphological variation in the distal femur of modern humans and fossil hominins.” Nicole Squyres The Leakey Foundation Research Grant has funded my travels to several different skeletal… more »

Grantee Spotlight: Tyler Faith

Grantee Spotlight
Tyler Faith is a researcher from the University of Queensland in Australia. He was awarded a Leakey Foundation research grant during our spring 2015 cycle for his project entitled "Middle Stone Age of the Gwasi and Uyoma Peninsulas, Kenya."

From Our Grants Department: The July 15th Deadline for Our Fall Cycle Approaches!

by H. Gregory The Leakey Foundation office in the Presidio of San Francisco While many of you are busy putting the final touches on your grant application for our fall 2015 cycle, I thought I would post some information you may find handy. For those of you who have not met the The Leakey Foundation grants department staff, Paddy Moore is our grant officer, and I am… more »

Grantee Spotlight: Thierra Nalley

Grantee Spotlight
The next grantee from our spring 2015 cycle is Thierra Nalley from the California Academy of Sciences.  Her project is entitled “Ontogeny of the thoracolumbar transition in extant hominoids and Australopithecus.” Thierra Nalley and a digital reconstruction of the fossil hominin DIK 1-1 Walking on two legs, or bipedalism, is a hallmark adaptation… more »