Photo by: Purwo Kuncoro



Presenting Our Spring 2015 Grantees

On April 25th The Leakey Foundation’s Board of Trustees convened for our Spring Granting Session. The Board unanimously approved the twenty-two research grants our Scientific Executive Committee presented as recommended for funding. Here are a few numbers from our Spring 2015 Granting Cycle: There were 101 research grant applications: 37%… more »

Baboons prefer to spend time with others of the same age, status, and personality

In the News
New research funded in part by The Leakey Foundation shows that chacma baboons within a troop spend more of their time with baboons that have similar characteristics to themselves: associating with those of a similar age, dominance rank and even personality type such as boldness. This is known as homophily, or ‘love of the same’. Grooming. Photo courtesy of Alecia… more »

Apes under pressure show their ingenuity – and hint at our own evolutionary past

Guest Post
By Susana CarvalhoGeorge Washington University Chimpanzees are wily enough to adapt in some ways when people encroach on their turf. Kimberley Hockings, CC BY-NC-ND In the mid 20th century, when paleoanthropologist Louis Leakey sent three pioneering women to study great apes in their natural habitats, the Earth’s wilderness was still untouched in many… more »