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Meet geneticist Dr. Fernando Villanea, learn how Neanderthal and Denisovan ancestry affects your genes, and dig deeper into the significance of populations often overlooked in genetics.

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Past Programs

Lunch Break Science Web Series

The Leakey Foundation’s Lunch Break Science is a live web series featuring interviews and short lectures with Leakey Foundation grantees.

Speaker Series on Human Origins Lectures

The Leakey Foundation’s Speaker Series on Human Origins is a distinguished lecture series featuring top scientists in the field of human origins. This program has been the cornerstone of our education and outreach efforts for nearly 50 years.

Survival Symposium

The Leakey Foundation’s Survival symposium is a series of short talks focusing on evolution and the challenges of building a better, safer, and more survivable future.

Our Tribal Nature Symposium

The Leakey Foundation’s Our Tribal Nature: Tribalism, Politics, and Evolution symposium is a series of short talks on the evolutionary origins and function of tribalism, our social transition from tribes to states, and the role tribal identity plays in our increasingly divided world.

Young Professionals Group Events

The Leakey Foundation’s Young Professionals Group presents Why Care About Hair?. Evolutionary biologists and hair enthusiasts, Tina Lasisi and Liz Tapanes in a discussion about hair from a practical perspective, social perspective, and the many overlapping disciplines that have shaped how we think about hair.

Science Communications Workshops

Leakey Foundation-sponsored webinar Science Through Visual Storytelling features Sara ElShafie, a global change biologist and science storytelling consultant and teaches you how to create aesthetically pleasing and informative visuals for science storytelling.