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Our species is facing an unprecedented set of challenges, including global climate change, exponential population growth, and emerging diseases. Evolutionary perspectives can help guide us in building a better, safer, and more survivable future.

On September 22, 2016, The Leakey Foundation presented Survival, a symposium that brought together seven world-renowned speakers and researchers for an inspiring evening of short talks moderated by Emmy Award-winning journalist Miles O’Brien. Watch and share these videos featuring Ruth DeFries, Daniel Lieberman, Stuart Pimm, Steven Pinker, Pardis Sabeti, Daniel Schrag, and Richard Wrangham. 

Our Tribal Nature Symposium – 2019

The Survival Symposium – 2016

Session One:

Session Two:

Panel Discussion

Featured Presentations

Introduction with Miles O’Brien

Biodiversity and Extinction | Stuart Pimm

Evolution of an Urban Animal | Ruth DeFries

Climate Change | Daniel Schrag

Evolution in Humans and Pathogens | Pardis Sabeti

The Human Diet | Richard Wrangham

The Exercise Dilemma | Daniel Lieberman


About Our Speakers

Moderated by Miles O’Brien and featuring:

  • Ruth DeFries – Professor of Sustainable Development, Columbia University
  • Daniel Lieberman – Chair and Professor of Human Evolutionary Biology, Harvard University
  • Stuart Pimm – Professor of Conservation Ecology, Duke University
  • Steven Pinker – Professor of Psychology, Harvard University
  • Pardis Sabeti – Assistant Professor of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology, Harvard University
  • Daniel Schrag – Professor of Environmental Science and Engineering, Harvard University
  • Richard Wrangham – Professor of Biological Anthropology, Harvard University


Survival  is presented by The Leakey Foundation in partnership with Harvard University’s Department of Human Evolutionary BiologyNOVA, NOVALabs, SMASH, and WGBH.

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Steven Pinker

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Stuart Pimm

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Pardis Sabeti

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Dan Schrag

What’s next for climate change policy

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Richard Wrangham

Cooking Or Slicing Food: What Drove Early Human Evolution?

Without fire?


Event Photos