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Raymond Dart’s 1973 Lecture, “The Discovery of Australopithecus and Its Implications”

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Raymond Arthur Dart (1893-1988) announced, described, and named the first discovery of an Australopithecine in the February 7, 1925 issue of Nature. The now iconic specimen consisted of a partial fossilized face, jaw, and cast of the interior of the braincase of a young child from Taung, which Dart assigned to a new genus and species called Australopithecus africanus.

Humans and plants go way back

The Leakey Foundation and American Association for Biological Anthropologists’ Education Committee are collaborating on outreach at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County on March 20, 2024 from 9:30 am–3 pm as part of the museum’s Spring into Nature program, which celebrates plant stories. Check out these resources! Learn about seed dispersal by animals, including primates!… more »

Grantee Spotlight: Amy E. Clark

Grantee Spotlight
Amy Clark is an archaeologist whose field research is focused on the Middle Stone Age in Morocco. She received a Leakey Foundation grant in 2020, for archaeological excavations at Jorf el Hamam in southwest Morocco.

Let’s talk about evolution

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Are you fascinated with human origins and interested in meeting others who share your curiosity? Join the Evolution Exchange on February 27 for a lively virtual discussion group exploring the evolution of childhood and the human family.

Now hiring a part-time Grants Associate

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The Leakey Foundation is looking to add a part-time Grants Associate to our team. The Grants Associate helps facilitate our grant application and award process, providing support for the Grants Officer and working closely with The Leakey Foundation's Scientific Executive Committee.