Photo by: Purwo Kuncoro


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Fossilized human molar used in a study of dietary habits of Neanderthals and Upper Paleolithic Homo sapiens. Photo credit: Sireen El Zaatari 05.25.16

Upper Paleolithic Dietary Strategies

Journal Article
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Figure 2. Carefully removing muscle and connective tissue from a postcranial element. It may not look like it, but yes there is a bone between my fingers. 05.24.16

From the Field: Timothy Campbell

From the Field
Timothy Campbell was awarded a Leakey Foundation Research Grant during our fall 2015 cycle for his project entitled, "Paleoenvironmental reconstruction of Sterkfontein and Swartkrans using rodent postcrania."

Our Auction is Live, and Here’s a 3D Model of One of the Items!

The Leakey Foundation
Last month we featured a blog post by Leakey Foundation grantee Samantha Porter. She and her team had recently published an article entitled “A Simple Photogrammetry Rig for the Reliable Creation of 3D Artifact Models in the Field” in the journal Advances in Archaeological Practice. She was nice enough introduce the article to our readers, describing the technique and the importance of “developing… more »
Snow on top of Mount Kilimanjaro 04.15.16

Human Evolution and Earth’s Tipping Point

Being Human
Elizabeth Hadly’s Being Human talk, “Earth’s Tipping Point” is just around the corner on April 19, 2016 at Public Works in San Francisco. Hadly will explore how studying living and fossil animals can reveal human impacts on evolutionary and ecological systems. What makes her such an exciting speaker on this topic?
Disappearing snow on top of Mount Kilimanjaro
Elizabeth Hadly of Stanfordmore »
tudents from Sol Plaatje University on field school learn excavation techniques. (Photo courtesy Alex Sumner) 04.01.16

World Heritage Gone: South African Diamond Mining Destroys Archaeological Sites Daily

Guest Post
George M. Leader of the University of Pennsylvania describes the importance of long term archaeological research at South Africa’s Cantee Kopje, one of many world heritage sites threatened by diamond mining. Archaeologists working in South Africa are fighting a war on multiple fronts. While the whole world continues its love affair with its favorite stone, the diamond, archaeologists are fighting… more »
Genevieve Housman 03.22.16

Grantee Spotlight: Genevieve Housman

Grantee Spotlight
Genevieve Housman is a PhD candidate from Arizona State University. She was awarded a Leakey Foundation Research Grant during our fall 2015 cycle for her project entitled “Assessment of DNA methylation patterns in primate skeletal tissues.”
Genevieve Housman
My research centers on understanding how epigenetic changes contribute to physical differences in primates. Within primate… more »
Julie_Lesnik_Malapa-7993 03.15.16

Grantee Spotlight: Julie Lesnik

Grantee Spotlight
Julie Lesnik was awarded a Leakey Foundation Research Grant during our fall 2015 cycle for her project entitled "An evaluation of termite-associated hydrocarbon signatures as an influence on prey selectivity and an ecological signal for chimpanzees and Olduvai hominins."