Information for Grantees

Information for Our Grantees with Active Grants.

Reporting for Your Grant

As of spring 2015, new grantees are required to participate in The Leakey Foundation’s outreach efforts by submitting content for our blog and social media. Click here to learn about Grantee submitted content. 

The Leakey Foundation also requires a few reports for your grant:

Final Reports are required when your grant research is complete.
Financial Reports are required when your grant research is complete.
Photos are requested when your research is complete or at any time during the duration of your grant.

Click here to learn more about these reports.

Photo: John Mitani, Ngogo Chimpanzee Project

Do you need to make changes or request an extension?

Changes of Budget, Institution, or Deadline

From time to time, our grantees move between institutions, need to make changes to their original budget, or meet with unexpected delays. We ask that you keep us abreast of any of these changes while you have a current grant.

To Request an Extension

Extensions to the start or end dates of a grant require a written request by the grantee or the financial contact.

The request must state the reason for the extension, the revised dates for data collection and analysis, and the expected date of completion of the grant.

Please email us at [email protected] to request an extension.

To Request a Change of Institution

Occasionally, in the course of carrying out the research in a grant project, one of our grantees changes institutional affiliation. In these cases, we ask that you formally notify our office of the change in institution, and follow the following procedure to distribute the funds to the new institution:

  1. Please send an email to [email protected] detailing: Your name, grant title and the contact information of the Office of Sponsored Research (or similar body) at the new institution. For convenience, please carbon copy the Office of Sponsored Research at both your old and new institution.
  2. The old institution must present us with an accounting of all money spent to date on the project.
  3. We would ask that the old institution present the new institution with a check for the remainder of the award. Failing that, the check can be written to The Leakey Foundation, and we can write a new check to the new institution.
  4. We will need a signed contract from the new institution agreeing to our terms and conditions. (This will be prepared by our office after receiving item 1.)
  5. We will need a final accounting of how the remainder of the funds were spent from the new institution after the project is complete.

To Request a Budget Modification

There are many reasons why a grantee may wish to modify his or her budget. Our grantees sometimes receive overlapping funding from other sources or are forced to change costs of certain items due to project delays or difficulties. We ask that all major changes (adding or deleting line items or changes of over $1000 to a line item) to your budget as submitted with your original grant application be submitted and approved by our office.

Our process for requesting a change to your grant budget is fairly simple. Simply alter the original excel budget file you originally submitted with your grant application and attach the new budget to an email to [email protected] with a note explaining the changes and why you are requesting them. Most budget alterations are approved.

If you need a copy of the original budget submitted with your grant application, we’ll be happy to furnish you with one. Again, just write an email to [email protected], and we will get a .pdf version of your original budget to you as soon as we can.

Resources for Posters and Presentations

2015leakeyfoundationlogo-color-cmyk-whitebg-01We ask that you acknowledge your Leakey Foundation funding in presentations and posters.

To download a high resolution logo with a white background, please click here and right click to download.

To download a high resolution logo with a transparent background, please click here and right click to download.