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Science education is an important part of The Leakey Foundation's mission.

Science is stimulated and advanced by education and public outreach, and so for more than five decades, The Leakey Foundation has worked to involve the public in the process of scientific investigation through innovative educational programs. From our Annual Speaker Series on Human Origins to our Origin Stories Podcast, we have a variety of programs designed to reach a broad audience, and we share this information through our website and social media channels.

So whether you are a middle school student meeting a leading scientist in the field through our Classroom Visits or a commuter enjoying one of our Origin Stories Podcast episodes, we invite you to participate in and make your own contribution to our ever-evolving understanding of human origins.

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The Leakey Foundation Online

Over the years the internet has become invaluable in disseminating information, and The Leakey Foundation has evolved with the times! We have created this website to not only show you the great work our foundation is doing but also to provide the public with a place to find educational materials on the science of human origins. Here you will find videos and podcasts from past events, topical stories from the news, and blog content from current and former Leakey Foundation Grantees, and we use social media to share this information with an even larger audience.