Primate Research Fund

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Emergency funding for long-term primate field research sites

The Leakey Foundation has emergency funding available to keep long-term* primate field sites operational until other funding can be secured. (*Long-term refers to 10 years or more of data collection) Priority will be given to those sites that have a clear research and conservation focus and that are threatened with loss of long-term datasets.

The award maximum is $25,000 for one year. After evaluation, a second year may be funded.

Please contact the grants office for more information. An application form will be sent after the grants office has assessed the need for funds.

Primate Research Fund Information Request

Primate Research Fund Information Request

If you have an emergency funding need and/or you would like more information about The Leakey Foundation's Primate Research Fund, please use this form to contact our grants department, or call (415)561-4646