Recent Grantees

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Below is a list of grantees and their research projects from our Spring 2015 Grants Cycle.

Iulia Badescu, University of Toronto:  Investigating the infant nutritional development of wild chimpanzees

Stephanie Bogart, University of Southern California:   Savanna chimpanzee ecology at MARS (Mount Assirik Research Site)

Marina Davila-Ross, University of Portsmouth:  Systematically testing facial thermal imaging as a most sensitive and reliable novel technology to directly compare subtle emotion changes in apes and humans

Harold Dibble, University of Pennsylvania:  New excavations at La Ferrassie (Dordogne, France): The final season

Kelsey Ellis, University of Texas at Austin:  Grouping dynamics of woolly monkeys (Lagothrix poeppigii) in Amazonian Ecuador

Davide Faggionato, Iowa State University:  Molecular and functional analysis of vision in three hominin species

Tyler Faith, University of Queensland:  Middle Stone Age of the Gwasi and Uyoma Peninsulas, Kenya

Halszka Glowacka, Arizona State University:  Biomechanical constraints on molar emergence in primates

Avi Gopher, Institute of Archaeology, Tel Aviv University:  Continued excavation in Middle Pleistocene Qesem Cave, Israel

Ashley Hammond, Stony Brook University:  Reconstructing phenotypic change of the pelvis in apes and humans

John Hoffecker, University of Colorado at Boulder:  The geochronology of the earliest Upper Paleolithic in Eastern Europe

Karline Janmaat, Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology:  The ecological intelligence of human rainforest foragers

Carolina Mallol, Universidad de La Laguna:  Neandertal fire technology

Rebecca Miller, University of Liege:  The Middle-Upper Paleolithic transition at Trou Al’Wesse (Belgium)

Thierra Nalley, California Academy of Sciences:  Ontogeny of the thoracolumbar transition in extant hominoids and Australopithecus

Marco Peresani, University of Ferrara:  Rediscovering the Uluzzian in Italy

Susan Perry, University of California, Los Angeles:  Life histories of wild capuchins in Lomas Barbudal, Costa Rica

Gabrielle A. Russo, Stony Brook University:  Elucidating the evolutionary pathways of hominin basicranial morphology using a formal phylogenetic comparative primate approach

Christopher Stevenson, Virginia Commonwealth University:  Hydration dating of Late Pleistocene archaeological sites in eastern Africa

Paola Villa, University of Colorado Museum:  Uluzzian technology in Central Italy: From neandertals to modern humans

Amelia Villaseñor, George Washington University:  The biogeography and behavioral ecology of hominins in Pliocene Eastern Africa: A macroecological perspective

Nicolas Zwyns, University of California, Davis:  Human response to the Late Pleistocene climate change in Northern Mongolia: The Upper Paleolithic site of Tolbor 16