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Let’s talk about evolution

Are you fascinated with human origins and interested in meeting others who share your curiosity? Join the Evolution Exchange on February 27 for a lively virtual discussion group exploring the evolution of childhood and the human family.

Here’s the plan:

Before each event, you’ll dive into a handpicked, thought-provoking podcast, video, or article on your own. Then, like a book club, we’ll meet up on Zoom for small-group discussions (5-6 people) about what you learned. It’s a perfect chance to unwind after work and join like-minded evolution enthusiasts for meaningful conversations.

For the first discussion group meetup, we chose three episodes of The Leakey Foundation’s award-winning Origin Stories podcast. This miniseries was produced by Peabody Award nominee Leo Hornak and edited by Pulitzer Prize-winning editor Audrey Quinn. Each episode features scientists whose research expands our understanding of the family relationships that shape our lives.

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Please listen to the following podcast episodes prior to the event:‌‌

Click the link to listen on Apple Podcasts or use the player below.

Origin Stories: Motherhood

Origin Stories: Fatherhood

Origin Stories: Siblings

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