Photo by: Purwo Kuncoro


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Cranial evolution in modern humans and neanderthals

Journal Article
Timothy Weaver, UC Davis
Timothy Weaver was awarded a Leakey Foundation Research Grant in the spring of 2010 for his project entitled “Cranial evolution: Neandertals and modern humans compared to chimpanzees.” Explaining the meaning of skeletal differences between neanderthals and modern humans has been a topic of debate since the discovery of neanderthals in 1856. Differences in cranial… more »

Validation of an Acoustic Location System to Monitor Bornean Orangutan Long Calls

Journal Article
Flanged male orangutan. Photo: Mure Wipfli
Brigitte Spillmann, PhD candidate at the University of Zurich, was awarded a Leakey Foundation Research Grant in the spring of 2010 for her project entitled “The function(s) of a long-distance signal:  The orangutan long call.” We recently featured a summary of her work along with her research report on our blog. Click here to read the post. more »

Deadline to Register for Tour of France Approaches!

For many years The Leakey Foundation has been leading tours to some of the most fascinating and significant archaeological and anthropological sites in the world, and 2016 will be no different! We are offering Leakey Foundation Fellows the opportunity to take a journey to France.

Grantee Spotlight: Shannon McFarlin

Grantee Spotlight
Shannon McFarlin
Earlier this fall The Leakey Foundation’s board of trustees, staff and friends had the pleasure of visiting the Center for the Advanced Study of Human Paleobiology (CASHP) at The George Washington University. CASHP is a multidisciplinary research center dedicated to the study of human origins, and lucky for us, students and faculty of CASHP were kind enough to give us an… more »