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Beyond the Cave Wall

Guest Post, Travel
Sharon Metzler Dow is a Leakey Foundation Fellow. She traveled to France with The Leakey Foundation and wrote this poem inspired by her experiences on the trip.

The Holidays are Here!

The Leakey Foundation, Support Us
Now is the perfect time to make a gift to The Leakey Foundation in support of science. Two generous donors have offered the foundation a matching challenge! Every donation made to The Leakey Foundation will be matched 1:1 up to one million dollars.

Grantee Spotlight: Jason Lewis

Grantee Spotlight
Jason E. Lewis is a Research Assistant Professor wth the Turkana Basin Institute and Department of Anthropology at Stony Brook University. He was awarded a Leakey Foundation research grant for his project entitled “Pleistocene & Holocene archaeological assemblages from Kisese II Shelter, Tanzania.”

Grantee Spotlight: Laurence Dumouchel

Grantee Spotlight
Laurence Dumouchel is a PhD candidate from George Washington University. She was awarded a Leakey Foundation research grant in the spring of 2016 for her project entitled "The environments of the earliest obligate biped, Australopithecus anamensis." Here we have a summary of her work.

Grantee Spotlight: Katharine Burke

Grantee Spotlight
Katharine Burke is a PhD candidate from the University at Buffalo. In the spring of 2016 she was awarded a Leakey Foundation research grant for her project entitled “Social network, personality and physiological stress levels in juvenile rhesus.” Here she has provided us with a summary of her work. 
Katharine Burke
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Grantee Spotlight: Ekwoge Abwe

Grantee Spotlight
Ekwoge Abwe was awarded a Leakey Foundation research grant during our spring 2016 cycle for his project entitled "Behavioral diversity with genetic and ecological variation in chimpanzees, Cameroon." Here he gives us a summary of his project. Stay tuned for news from the field!

From the Field: Thomas Kraft

From the Field
Thomas Kraft was awarded a Leakey Foundation research grant during our spring 2016 cycle for his project entitled "Shifting co-residence and interaction patterns in a transitioning hunter-gatherer society." Here he updates us on his latest field season.

In Defense of Science

The Leakey Foundation
As I helped put together our issue-based fundraising appeal letter last week, I was struck by the sentence at the top of the page. “Science is under attack in the 21st century.” This is not to imply that this is something new. Science was under attack in the last century and the century before as well. The implication is that science is STILL under attack, and that is what’s unsettling to me. I ask, still?