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Announcing the 2024 Francis H. Brown African Scholars

The Leakey Foundation is proud to announce the 2024 Francis H. Brown African Scholars. Every year, through this scholarship fund, the foundation supports East African students and researchers working in the earth sciences or botany related to human origins. 

Announcing the 2024 Baldwin Fellows

The Leakey Foundation is proud to announce the 2024 Baldwin Fellowship recipients. The 11 new and returning Baldwin Fellows represent eight countries, nine academic institutions, and a wide variety of scientific disciplines.

Introducing the fall 2023 Research Grant recipients

The Leakey Foundation is pleased to announce the recipients of our fall 2023 Research Grants. These outstanding scientists are leading groundbreaking studies that will expand our understanding of humanity.

Baldwin Fellowships and the Future of Science

Building the next generation of young scientists requires a combination of promising individuals, dedicated mentors, scientific opportunities, and strong support. For 45 years, the Baldwin Fellowships funded by The Leakey Foundation have provided that crucial element of support. 

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