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The Grant Application Deadline Approaches!

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by H. Gregory, Grants Associate

Paddy Moore and H. Gregory, The Leakey Foundation grants department

Paddy Moore and H. Gregory, The Leakey Foundation grants department

As most of you grant seekers are aware, the deadline to apply for a Leakey Foundation Research Grant in our spring 2017 cycle is January 10th. Because I am on the receiving end of our grants department email, I can tell there is a lot of grant writing going on around the world right now. While you get those proposals submitted, I thought I would share with you a few pointers based on some of the questions we have received.

Yes, something has changed. We now have a two page limit for appendices, supplemental attachments, and figures and tables combined. We will begin strictly enforcing the limit during our spring 2017 cycle.

Pay close attention to your budget. As the instructions state, we do not fund things such as equipment, trips to conferences, or salaries for senior project personnel. My advice on the budget is to move items that might be questionable to the budget column of other funding agencies to which you are applying. We do not outright reject budgets that have items we do not fund, but we will exclude those items if need be. Also, be careful with salaries. Proposals where the bulk of the requested funds are for salaries may not be seen by some as a good use of Leakey funds.

Letters of recommendation are typically late. If you are having a problem getting the letter in on time (for whatever reason), please do not worry. We will accept them for the coming weeks.

Finally, we rarely grant extensions to the deadline; however, we always consider proposals to be on time if they are in the system when we press “retrieve.” This always occurs the next business day after the deadline, which is Wednesday morning California time…

I wish all of you the best of success.

Questions or concerns? Email us! [email protected]

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