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Follow the Leader?

Origin Stories
Every animal that lives in groups has to make decisions as a group. Even a seemingly simple decision like "where should we go for dinner?" can be complicated to negotiate.

From the Field: Alecia Carter

From the Field
The Leakey Foundation awarded Alecia Carter a Leakey Foundation research grant in the spring of 2016 for her project entitled "Constraints on the evolution of culture: Social information in Namibian baboons." Below she updates us on her 2016 field season.

Grantee Spotlight: Alecia Carter

Grantee Spotlight
Alecia Carter was awarded a Leakey Foundation Research grant during our spring 2016 cycle for her project entitled "Constraints on the Evolution of Culture: Social Information in Namibian Baboons.”

Origin Stories Episode 06: Being a Nice Animal

Origin Stories
For our sixth episode we have the first in a collection of stories looking at human behavior and how it’s been shaped by evolution.  Dorothy Cheney and Robert Seyfarth share their research on the baboon mind. Dorothy Cheney and Robert Seyfarth study the communication and social behavior of wild non-human primates. They received their PhDs from Cambridge University, and since 1985 they have held positions… more »