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Introducing Our Fall 2016 Grantees

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The Leakey Foundation held a granting session on December 3, 2016. Our Board of Trustees unanimously approved twenty-one research grant proposals for funding.

Here are some numbers from our fall 2016 granting cycle:

There were 96 applications for research grants this cycle.

36% of the proposals were categorized as behavioral, and 64% were paleoanthropology.

456 reviews were submitted to our grants department this cycle. Thank you to our reviewers! We could not do it without you.

We would like to congratulate all of our new grantees, and we look forward to sharing news and information about them and their research along the way!


Margaret Crofoot (Gordon Getty Grant recipient), University of California, Davis:  Dominance, social stability and the emergence of collective decisions in complex societies

Piotr Fedurek, University of Roehampton:  The effect of social integration on physiological stress levels in a small-scale society

Brenna Henn, Stony Brook University:  Testing for ancient population structure in southern Africa via extensive DNA collection

Charles Menzel, Georgia State University:  Studies of chimpanzee episodic memory and foraging

Liza Moscovice, Emory University:  Explaining patterns of within and between-group cooperation among LuiKotale bonobos

Carina Schlebusch, Uppsala University:  Genotype variation in populations with Khoe-San ancestry from southern Africa

Erin Vogel, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey:  Coping with a challenging environment: Nutritional immunology in wild Bornean orangutans

Monica Wakefield, Northern Kentucky University:  Genetic census and habituation of bonobos at Iyema (Lomako, DRC)

Meike Zemihn, Leiden University:  Tracing the origins of language: Syntax in common marmosets (Brazil)


Hilary Duke, Stony Brook University:  Taking shape: Investigating the earliest Acheulean at Kokiselei, Kenya (1.8-1.76Ma)

Paul Manger, University of the Witwatersrand:  Ape brains in a comparative perspective, South Africa

Fredrick Manthi, National Museums of Kenya:  Further investigations of Middle Pleistocene sites in Natodomeri, northwestern Kenya

Emma Mbua, National Museums of Kenya:  Further fieldwork research at Kantis Fossil Site

Kelly Ostrofsky, The George Washington University:  Comparison of vertical climbing and suspension in wild African apes

Brian Schilder, The George Washington University:  The evolution of the hippocampus and adult neurogenesis: Novel insights into the origins of human memory

Stephanie Schnorr, University of Oklahoma:  Physiological relevance of salivary amylase copy number variation for starch digestion in human evolution

Sileshi Semaw, CENIEH:  Gona Palaeoanthropological Research Project

Ron Shimelmitz, University of Haifa:  New excavations at Skhul Cave, Mount Carmel, Israel

Thierry Smith, Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences:  Diversity and relationships of earliest Euprimates from Tadkeshwar Mine, India

Matt Tocheri, Lakehead University:  New archaeological excavations at Liang Bua (Flores, Indonesia)

Scott Williams, New York University:  Skeletal contributions to lumbar lordosis in recent and fossil hominins

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