Science Speakeasy

Science Speakeasy

Explore the science behind our everyday lives at Science Speakeasy. Join us at Public Works for science, storytelling, experiments, food, drinks and conversation.

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San Francisco, CA

Science Speakeasy No. 1: Caves and Space

05.23.17  6:00 pmPrepare for some extreme science! First, we’ll explore the depths of our past with Alia Gurtov, one of six “underground astronaut” archaeologists who excavated the newly discovered Homo naledi fossils in Rising Star Cave in South Africa. Then we’ll explore the far reaches of our future with Ariel Waldman, founder of and author of “What’s it Like in Space?”, who will tell us what it’s like in space and share ways you can explore space too.

San Francisco, CA

Science Speakeasy No. 2: LGBTQ Science

06.20.17  6:00 pmThis Science Speakeasy celebrates gender diversity. First, we’ll explore the evolutionary origins of gender with evolutionary anthropologist Stephanie Meredith, whose fieldwork with primates has taken her to Madagascar and Ethiopia. Then Madeline Deutsch of UCSF will discuss her work providing primary care for people in the transgender, gender non-binary, gay, lesbian, bisexual and queer communities.

San Francisco, CA

Science Speakeasy No. 3: Baseball

07.12.17  6:00 pmIn this Science Speakeasy we’re stepping up to the pitcher’s mound! Explore the connection between precision throwing and our evolutionary split from other primates with evolutionary biologist Nathan Young. Then, San Francisco Giants’ official orthopedic surgeon Ken Akizuki will share how he keeps our Giants’ pitchers in optimum condition to win.


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