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Are you enjoying Lunch Break Science? Help us plan our next season!

The Leakey Foundation’s new live-stream series Lunch Break Science has been a great success. We’ve spent the summer hearing about the exciting research Leakey Foundation grantees are conducting all over the world.

Now it’s time to plan what comes next and we need your help!

As The Leakey Foundation team plans episodes for our next season, YOU are at the heart of our focus. What do you like best about Lunch Break Science? What would you love to see us add? How often would you like to watch new episodes?

Let us know by filling out this brief survey!

If you missed an episode, don’t worry! You can catch all of the past episodes on our YouTube channel, at, or in the playlist below!

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Lunch Break Science Announcement!

Lunch Break Science
The Leakey Foundation’s new series Lunch Break Science has been a great success with over 7,000 views of episodes since its launch on June 25. The series was originally slated to run through August 27th, but don’t pack up your lunches quite yet! Lunch Break Science has been renewed for another 26 episodes starting Thursday, October 1st.