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Zarin Machanda on Chimpanzee Communication and Relationships

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Did you know chimpanzees make vocalizations unique to their situation, such as when they first see a snake in the forest?

This month’s featured video is primatologist Zarin Machanda’s talk from The Leakey Foundation’s new web series Lunch Break Science. Dr. Machanda is assistant professor of anthropology at Tufts University and director of the Kibale Chimpanzee Project. Her talk explores the surprisingly nuanced world of chimpanzee vocalizations and gestures. She also teaches you how to pant-hoot like a chimpanzee! 

Tune in for new episodes of Lunch Break Science live on Facebook, YouTube, and every Thursday through August 27 at 11 am Pacific • 12 pm Mountain • 1 pm Central • 2 pm Eastern.

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