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Support Science and Your Donation Will Be Doubled

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Over 100 people are seeking a Leakey Foundation grant right now, and almost half of those people are asking for help to complete their dissertation research.

We frequently hear from scholars that The Leakey Foundation provides critical seed money at just the right time in a young scientist’s career.

Leakey Foundation grantees Eric Delson and Dagmawit Abebe Getahun at the American Museum of Natural History.

Dr. Eric Delson, five-time Leakey Foundation grant recipient, professor of anthropology at Lehman College-CUNY, and Director of NYCEP (the New York Consortium in Evolutionary Primatology), says, “Scholars who focus on human evolution in their research are lucky indeed to have the support of The Leakey Foundation. Any possibility to increase this generosity would be well rewarded with an improved understanding of our species’ history.”

You can help the next generation of scholars by giving generously today!

Every dollar donated generates more funding for early career scientists, and your donation will be doubled by a generous supporter.

Donate now!

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