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Being Human: Robert Sapolsky Video


Audience participation time at Being Human

Have you joined us at one of our Being Human events?  These are The Leakey Foundation’s cool, casual lectures at Public Works in the Mission neighborhood of San Francisco. We mix short talks from great minds with fun hands-on experiments, drinks, conversation, and storytelling. At each event we investigate different aspects of our evolution, our behavior, and the human experience.

Our inaugural Being Human in October 2015 featured Robert Sapolsky as a part of the Bay Area Science Festival. In this thought-provoking (and often humorous) talk we explored what makes humans unique and what similar behaviors we share with our primate relatives and other species in the animal kingdom.  As you might imagine, this talk was the perfect start to our lecture series about “Being Human.” Check out the video below!

Stay tuned for more videos from our first season of Being Human!

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