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Become a Bedrock Donor

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Leakey Foundation grantee Jonathan Paige excavating the el-Hemmeh site in the Wadi Hasa of Jordan.

Since our beginning in 1968, our mission has been powered by small, yet meaningful, donations from people who are passionate about scientific research and educational outreach. We invite you to join our growing group of dedicated monthly donors, known as Bedrock Donors

Recurring donations make up a predictable stream of income, which is invaluable when planning programs. Your monthly donation will be deducted from your credit card on the same day every month. In an effort to save trees and postage costs, you will receive an acknowledgement letter at the end of the year totaling your monthly gifts.

Donations of any amount are appreciated, and all donations will be matched.

Leakey Foundation Baldwin Fellow and research grant recipient Sharmi Sen researches geladas in the Simien Mountains National Park, Ethiopia

• A year of $5 monthly donations will pay for a field permit for a grantee to study primates in the wild

• A year of $25 monthly donations will pay for a lesson plan that teachers can use for free

• A year of $100 monthly donations will pay for a grantee to travel to their field research site

If you donate $100 each month (for one year), you will become a Leakey Foundation Fellow, a small cohort of scientific patrons. As a Fellow, you will receive invitations to exclusive programs that will allow you to connect with researchers and their work like never before. 

Become a Bedrock Donor today and know that your steady support will help researchers as they seek answers to the big questions about what it means to be human.

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