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Fall 2018 Lectures Announced

Speaker Series

Mark your calendar for our fall line up of lectures!

Dr. Nina Jablonski
Houston, TX

Anthropologist Dr. Nina Jablonski’s fascinating study of the evolution of human skin color and pigmentation fosters dialogues about evolution and human diversity. Dr. Jablonski will give a lecture at 6:30 pm on September 27 at the Houston Museum of Natural Sciences.

Dr. Jablonski will share her new children’s book Skin We Are In at an event for children on September 29 at the Houston Museum of Natural Science. Jablonski teamed up with author Sindiwe Magona and illustrator Lynn Felman to create Skin We Are In, a book that celebrates the science behind the beautiful diversity of human skin color.

Dr. John Mitani
Chicago, IL

Primatologist Dr. John Mitani’s 23-year study of an unusually large community of chimpanzees at Ngogo in Kibale National Park, Uganda, continues to challenge our notions of what makes us human. The Ngogo chimpanzees and Dr. Mitani’s fascinating research are featured in the award-winning documentary Rise of the Warrior Apes. Dr. Mitani will give a lecture at 6:00 pm on November 8. A screening of Rise of the Warrior Apes will take place at 6:00 pm on November 9. The film screening will be followed by a question and answer session with Dr. Mitani. These events are produced in partnership with the Chicago Council on Science and Technology.

Dr. Craig Stanford
San Francisco, CA

Dr. Craig Stanford has conducted field research on chimpanzees and other animals for 30 years in Africa and Asia, and studied chimpanzee meat-eating in Gombe National Park, Tanzania, in collaboration with Jane Goodall. His most recent book The New Chimpanzee: A Twenty-First-Century Portrait of Our Closest Kin discusses the most recent findings about wild chimpanzees, which have revolutionized our understanding of human nature. From culture to warfare, from our diet to our politics, the study of wild chimpanzees continues to revise our view of ourselves. Dr. Stanford will be speaking at 7:00 pm on December 4 at the California Academy of Sciences.

Tickets for these events will be on sale soon!

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