F. Clark Howell Legacy Society

The F. Clark Howell Legacy Society

F. Clark Howell with his wife Betty Howell in the field.

Your legacy gift makes you a lifetime member of the F. Clark Howell Legacy Society, named in honor of Dr. F. Clark Howell, an anthropologist who was instrumental in the creation of The Leakey Foundation. A passionate proponent of multidisciplinary scientific research, Dr. Howell was also an advocate for popularizing science.

As a member of the Legacy Society, you will join a circle of friends who are committed to sustaining the Foundation’s mission and who imagine a world beyond the present.

F. Clark Howell Legacy Society members are invited to special events such as the annual Legacy Society luncheon. Members are also recognized in Leakey Foundation publications and on our website (unless you prefer to remain anonymous).

If you have already included The Leakey Foundation in your plans, it would be our honor to personally thank you and welcome you into the F. Clark Howell Legacy Society. For more information, please contact Sharal Camisa by email.

Click here to download a biography of F. Clark Howell written by Dr. Richard Klein

F. Clark Howell Legacy Society Members

We gratefully acknowledge the following Legacy Society members for advancing science through a legacy gift commitment:

  • Dr. Alan J. Almquist
  • Mrs. Kristin Berger and Mr. Tom Berger
  • Carol Broderick
  • Dr. John Broderick
  • The Estate of Dr. Francis H. Brown
  • Mrs. Nina Carroll
  • The Estate of Donald Allen Carson
  • Mr. Jim Carty and Ms. Pat Randall
  • Mr. Don Dana and Mrs. Jeanne Dana
  • Mrs. Joan Cogswell Donner
  • The Estate of Brian Boru Dunne II
  • Mrs. Paddy Moore Goodhart
  • Dr. Jack Harris
  • The Estate of Mrs. Betty Howell
  • Mr. Brian Howell
  • Dr. Nina Jablonski and Dr. George Chaplin
  • Mr. Mark Jordan and Ms. Jennifer Gomersall
  • Ms. Julie LaNasa and Mr. John Kunzweiler
  • Dr. Carol MacLeod
  • Dr. John Mitani and Mrs. Sally Mitani
  • Ms. Jeanne Newman
  • Mrs. Kris O’Donnell and Mr. Owen O’Donnell
  • Dr. John W. Olsen
  • Mr. William P. Richards and Mrs. Deborah Richards
  • Dr. Jo Rainie Rodgers and Mr. George Rodgers
  • Dr. Sandra Miller Ross
  • Dr. Robert Seyfarth
  • Mrs. Camilla Smith
  • The Estate of Earl “Rick” Stokes
  • Mrs. Naoma Tate
  • Ms. Rosemary Urbigkeit
  • Mrs. William Wirthlin and Mrs. Lisa Wirthlin
  • Dr. Mary Alice and Dr. E. William Yund
  • and seven anonymous members