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Category: Lunch Break Science

Lunch Break Science #11: Rachel Bynoe discusses underwater archaeology

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to excavate an archaeological site underwater? Grab your lunch and join archaeologist Rachel Bynoe for an exploration of her work uncovering ancient artifacts from a submerged Pleistocene site off Happisburgh, England.

Lunch Break Science Announcement!

The Leakey Foundation’s new series Lunch Break Science has been a great success with over 7,000 views of episodes since its launch on June 25. The series was originally slated to run through August 27th, but don’t pack up your lunches quite yet! Lunch Break Science has been renewed for another 26 episodes starting Thursday, October 1st.

Are you enjoying Lunch Break Science? Help us plan our next season!

The Leakey Foundation’s new live-stream series Lunch Break Science has been a great success. We’ve spent the summer hearing about the exciting research Leakey Foundation grantees are conducting all over the world. Now it's time to plan what comes next and we need your help!

Zarin Machanda on Chimpanzee Communication and Relationships

This month’s featured video is primatologist Zarin Machanda’s talk from The Leakey Foundation’s new web series Lunch Break Science. Dr. Machanda is assistant professor of anthropology at Tufts University and director of the Kibale Chimpanzee Project. Her talk explores the surprisingly nuanced world of chimpanzee vocalizations and gestures.

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