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Run the San Francisco Marathon with Team Leakey!

You were not only born to run…You have also evolved to run! Join Team Leakey to raise money for scientific research and outreach while learning why humans are supremely adapted long distance runners. Don’t walk, run to sign up for Team Leakey and join us at the 2016 San Francisco Marathon on July 31st!

“Humans have always run to help each other. Two million years ago we ran to hunt and provision each other with sustaining food; today we run to raise funds for charities, to promote fitness, and to build community. It really is true that we run to make the world a better place.”

– Daniel Lieberman

Chair of the Department of Human Evolutionary Biology at Harvard, and member of Team Leakey

How to join Team Leakey:

Joining Team Leakey is simple. Follow these instructions to join our team, get an official Team Leakey race bib, and start raising money for a great cause!

  • Go to Team Leakey’s official San Francisco Marathon team Crowdrise page by following this link or clicking the button below.
  • Once you’re there, select the blue box at the bottom right that says “Fundraise for this campaign.”
  • Enter the requested information to create your Crowdrise account and select the option to become an “affiliated runner” for Team Leakey.
  • You’ll be asked if you want to join the San Francisco Marathon through an official charity partner, so select yes and then select the race you would like to run. Add your address, phone number, and date of birth. You’ll then be ready to start your fundraising campaign.
  • Someone from The Leakey Foundation will email you with a Team Leakey code. Use that code to register at thesfmarathon.com.
  • All funds raised by Team Leakey runners will be matched by an anonymous sponsor!
Team Leakey's Dan Lieberman running in the Serengeti

Team Leakey’s Dan Lieberman running in the Serengeti

Yes! I want to join Team Leakey!

Why you should join Team Leakey:

American and Ethiopian students learning about different fish species found in the Shinfa River.

American and Ethiopian students learning about different fish species found in the Shinfa River.


Run for a great cause! When you join Team Leakey, 100% of the $800 you raise will be used to fund scholarships for students to attend field schools in Africa. The cost to send a student to field school is not great, but the impact is priceless.

A scholarship to attend a field school can give a young student the opportunity of a lifetime. By enabling bright young scholars to participate in field schools, The Leakey Foundation equips them for careers in prehistory research and conservation. Students will learn hands-on techniques of archaeology, paleoanthropology and primatology in these scientifically resource-rich areas of the world.

Yes! I want to join Team Leakey!



Join Team Leakey

Join Team Leakey

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