Field School Scholarships

As a member of Team Leakey, you will be helping to build the future of paleoanthropology and primatology by raising money to send students to field schools. Africa is rich in scientific resources, and education at a field school can give students the training they need for a career in science. The cost of tuition is often out of reach for African students.

When you run for Team Leakey in the San Francisco Marathon, 100% of the money you raise will go towards establishing a scholarship program to help students attend field school. Your impact will be doubled thanks to an anonymous donor who has agreed to match every dollar raised by Team Leakey!

The cost of sending a student to field school is not great, but the impact is priceless.

Students excavating at field school in Ethiopia

Students excavating at field school in Ethiopia


Dr. John Kappelman from the University of Texas-Austin, who runs a field school in Ethiopia, had this to say about the importance of offering these opportunities:

“For the majority of African students, the evolution of our species remains something limited to the pages of a textbook or a website.  It isn’t until they are actually able to see and handle and help recover this record that it comes alive for them.  As one of our students told us, “I never ever thought that I would ever have the opportunity to go to the field – it is my dream come true.”  The support of the Leakey Foundation is critical for both bringing these dreams to reality and building the foundation for our science in the years to come.”


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