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Our Auction is Live, and Here’s a 3D Model of One of the Items!

Last month we featured a blog post by Leakey Foundation grantee Samantha Porter. She and her team had recently published an article entitled “A Simple Photogrammetry Rig for the Reliable Creation of 3D Artifact Models in the Field” in the journal Advances in Archaeological Practice. She was nice enough introduce the article to our readers, describing the technique and the importance of “developing accessible methods and technologies, and sharing this knowledge openly with the greater community.” Please click here to read the article.

At one point in this post she mentions that they hope this article will act as a guide for those who wish to use this method for either scholarly or non-scholarly purposes. Those of us here at The Leakey Foundation who are involved our first annual online auction were immediately struck with an idea. Maybe we could see if Samantha Porter would create a 3D model out of one of our auction items!

She was happy to do so! A week later we had a digital 3D model of this ceramic piece by ceramicist Jen Bishop. This item is currently up for bid in our eBay store and we hope you will take a look.

In the meantime, enjoy this 3D model! You can turn it around, turn it upside down and even quickly spin it around. It is not difficult to see how useful this type of technological innovation is for the study of science (especially in remote areas), and we do not doubt we will see many useful applications of the technique to other aspects of our lives.

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Click here to see all of the items in The Leakey Foundation’s eBay store. The auction ends on May 2, so place your bids today! 100% of the proceeds from this auction go to support the Baldwin Fellowship program.

Click here to read about Samantha Porter’s research. 

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