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Introducing the Spring 2015 Baldwin Fellows

Franklin Mosher Baldwin Memorial Fellowships are awarded to graduate students who are from developing countries and would like to pursue training and/or education abroad. In providing this opportunity The Leakey Foundation hopes to equip these scholars with the knowledge and experience necessary to assume leadership positions in their home countries where there often exist extraordinary resources in the field of prehistory.

The Baldwin Fellowship was established in 1978, and its track record speaks for itself. Baldwin Fellows such as Zeresenay Alemseged, Berhane Asfew, Mzalendo Kibunjia, Jackson Njau, Agazi Negash, Emma Mbua and Fredrick Manthi (to name only a few) have gone on to productive and influential careers in the fields of paleoanthropology and primatology.

Here are the four Baldwin Fellows from our spring 2015 cycle:

Dagmawit Abebe is a second year Baldwin Fellow from Ethiopia. She is majoring in physical anthropology at City University of New York under the sponsorship of Eric Delson. When finished with her PhD, she intends to return to her home country where she hopes to join the faculty at Addis Ababa University.

First year Baldwin Fellow Ainash Childebayeva is from Kazakhstan, and she is in the first year of her PhD studies at the University of Michigan.  Under the supervision of Abigail Bigham, Ms. Childebayeva’s research focus is the analysis of human adaption genetics in high-altitude ancient Peruvian populations.

Hailay Reda is a first year Baldwin Fellow from Ethiopia. He is beginning his PhD program at the University of Oregon under the supervision of Stephen Frost.  He has extensive field experience in places such as Hadar, Wonanso-Mille and the Middle Awash Project. He is interested in studying the taxonomy and phylogeny of the Eastern African Plio-Pleistocene primates.

Abebe Taffere is a first year Baldwin Fellow who is beginning her PhD Studies at the University of Florida under the sponsorship of Steven Brandt. She intends on specializing in Late Pleistocene archaeology and lithic technology.  She would like to return to her home country of Ethiopia to work at the Authority for Research and Conservation of Cultural Heritage as the first staff member to have a PhD in archaeology.

We wish our Baldwin Fellows the very best in their studies this coming year.  We look forward to keeping you updated on their progress!

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