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Baldwin Application Guidelines

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There are two different deadlines depending on whether you have previously received a Baldwin Fellowship:

New Applicants:  February 15th 

Returning Applicants:  March 1st

Please Note:  If the deadline falls on a weekend, the application will be due by the end of the next business day.

Baldwin Fellowship Eligibility

Only scholars with citizenship in a country where there are limited opportunities for advanced training and education in fields of research related to human origins are eligible.

The applicant must have a Home Sponsor who is a member of the institution where the applicant is affiliated in the home country, as well as a Host Sponsor who is a member of the institution which the candidate plans to pursue training. In some cases, the home and host sponsor may be in the same country if the applicant is planning on obtaining advanced training and education in their home country. Should an award be made, the Host Sponsor must be willing to assume responsibility for overseeing the candidate’s training. Since the Baldwin Fellowship is intended to be a partnership between the candidate and both the Home and Host Institutions, it is expected that candidates will be offered support by these institutions in the form of financial assistance and, upon completion of training, employment in the home country.

Amount and Duration of Awards

Awards are limited to two years. The maximum award is limited to $15,000 per year.

Budgetary Guidelines

Baldwin Fellowships may be used to cover tuition, travel, living expenses, student fees, insurance, books, and other relevant categories of expenditure. Aid is not provided for family expenses or dependent support, salary and/or fringe benefits of the applicant, nor institutional overhead. While all applications and budgets are considered on a case-by-case basis, the Baldwin Fellowship is typically meant to cover educational expenses. If you are seeking funds that are project related, please consider applying for a Research Grant. You may hold a Baldwin Fellowship and a Research Grant simultaneously.

Proposal Body

Click here to download instructions for the Proposal Body/Statement of Purpose.

Budget Worksheet

Click here to download the Budget Worksheet.

Second Year Baldwin Fellowship Renewals

Please click here for more information on second year Baldwin Fellowship renewals.


The online application should be submitted by the end of the day on February 15th in order to be considered for funding in the following academic year, which begins in the Fall. Formal letters of support from both the Home and Host Sponsors must also reach the office by this deadline.

Letters from Sponsors

Please note: All letters from sponsors may be submitted via email to [email protected]

Applicants must request letters from both the Home Sponsor and the Host Sponsor to be sent directly to the Foundation.

  1. The Home Sponsor must be the department head or an appropriate individual from the institution with which the candidate is affiliated in the home country and in which the candidate intends to pursue a career. A letter of recommendation must be mailed directly to the Foundation by the Home Sponsor, separately from the application form. The letter should state:
    • The candidate’s qualifications
    • The reasons the candidate needs training abroad
    • The kinds of support (monetary or other) that the Home Institution and/or the Home Government will provide (Past Home Institution support has included travel and stipend supplements.)
    • The candidate’s employment and research prospects upon return to the home country.
  2. The Host Sponsor must be a faculty member of the department or program in which the candidate plans to pursue training. The Host Sponsor must be willing to supervise the candidate’s training and fulfillment of the terms of the Baldwin Fellowship, if awarded. A letter of recommendation must be mailed directly to the Foundation by the Host Sponsor, separately from the application form. This letter should describe:
    • The candidate’s prospects for success in the proposed program of study/training
    • The length of time that is likely to be required for completion of this program;
    • The facilities and support to be made available to the candidate while at the Host Institution
    • Any financial assistance that the Host Institution will offer the candidate. (Past Host Institutions have provided Baldwin Fellowship support, waived tuition, travel, or subsidized living accommodations.)

You may download instructions to send to your sponsors here (All sponsor letters may be submitted via email):

Host Sponsor Instructions

Home Sponsor Instructions


The Foundation office will notify candidates by May 15th about the status of their applications.

Conditions of Awards

The following reporting requirements are conditions of the Baldwin Fellowship Agreement:

Progress Reports

  • Fellow Progress Reports:  Progress Reports are required for multi-year Baldwin Fellowships and are to be submitted as part of the Renewal Application. Progress Reports will determine the Baldwin Fellow’s eligibility, include an accounting of funds expended to date (which will be approved and signed by the Host Sponsor and the Baldwin Fellow), and include course work and grades to date. Formal transcripts must be sent to the Foundation at the end of each academic year. This progress report will be used to determine the Baldwin Fellow’s eligibility for continued support and is DUE MARCH 1ST.
  • Host Sponsor Progress Reports: The Host Sponsor must provide the Foundation and the Home Institution/Sponsor with a progress report at the end of each year of the Baldwin Fellow’s training period. The report should address the Baldwin Fellow’s academic performance, progress in language ability (when applicable), and any other matters pertinent to the Baldwin Fellow’s ability to complete the course of training undertaken, as well as a realistic estimate of the time required to complete the training. This progress report will be used to determine the Baldwin Fellow’s eligibility for continued support and is DUE MARCH 1ST.

Final Reports

The final reports, transcript, and financial statements must be SUBMITTED WITHIN THREE MONTHS after the end of the study/training period as stated by the Baldwin Fellow on his/her application form.

  1. Baldwin Fellow: Upon conclusion of the final year of the Baldwin Fellowship, the Baldwin Fellow must summarize his/her accomplishments in a Final Report (2-3 pages).
  2. Host Sponsor: At the end of the training period, the Host Sponsor must provide the Foundation with a final report on the Baldwin Fellow’s accomplishments. If the Baldwin Fellow requires additional training either to: 1) reach the initial goals of this Baldwin Fellowship award or 2) to obtain more advanced training before returning to his/her home country, elaborate on this plan including sources of support and estimated time for completion.
  3. Transcript: A final transcript must be requested from the Host Institution by the Baldwin Fellow and a copy submitted to the Foundation.
  4. Financial: The Fellow and Host Sponsor must make sure that the Host Institution submits an official signed accounting for the US dollar amount expended each year. This accounting is to be supplemented by a more detailed statement of expenditures by the Baldwin Fellow which is signed by both the Baldwin Fellow and the Host Sponsor.
  5. Upon the Completion of the Training:  The Baldwin Fellow must provide a status report on further educational plans and/or a position taken in the Home Country. At the time of return to his/her Home Country, the Baldwin Fellow must provide the Foundation with a current address.

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