Speaker Series

Speaker Series

The Leakey Foundation Annual Speaker Series on Human Origins is a lecture series from top scientists in the field of human origins. This program has been the cornerstone of our education and outreach efforts for nearly 50 years. If you are in San Francisco, New York, Chicago, or Houston, check our calendar for the next lecture near you!

Upcoming Events

Houston, TX

Geeks, Genes, and the Evolution of Asperger Syndrome

11.09.20  12:30 pmIn this talk, Falk will explore the origins of autism, whether it is currently evolving, how it differs in males and females, and whether it is a global phenomenon. Following the talk, she will be signing a copy of her new book, co-written with her granddaughter Eve Schofield, who has Asperger syndrome.

Houston, TX

Brain Evolution From Lucy to Einstein

11.10.20  6:30 pmIn this lecture, Dr. Dean Falk of Florida State University will discuss the latest understanding of the evolution of human intelligence – past, present, and future.

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