Speaker Series

Speaker Series

The Leakey Foundation Annual Speaker Series on Human Origins is a lecture series from top scientists in the field of human origins. This program has been the cornerstone of our education and outreach efforts for over four decades. If you are in San Francisco, New York, Chicago or Houston, check our calendar for the next lecture near you!

Upcoming Events

New York, NY

Stress and Human Evolution

04.05.17  7:00 pmHow does stress “get under the skin” to influence health? What about our evolutionary history causes our bodies to respond in this way? This talk will explore these questions by describing the biological mechanisms through which early life stress exposures influence later life biology and health.

Chicago, IL

Making Things Meaningful in the Ice Age

04.11.17  6:00 pmThe arts provide a key avenue of insight into ancient human behavior and symbolic evolution. In this lecture we will review some of the evidence and analysis of how our ancestors of the later Ice Age used the material and visual world to create meanings, to develop and solidify social relationships, and to become “effective world settlers.”

San Francisco, CA

Humankind: How Biology and Geography Shape Human Diversity

05.09.17  7:00 pmWhat effects have other species had on the distribution of humans around the world, and what effect have we had, in turn, on their distribution? And how have human populations affected each other’s geography, even existence? Alexander Harcourt brings these topics together to help us understand why we are, what we are, where we are.

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