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I will match your donation

Sharal Camisa Smith (center) with Leakey Foundation founder Joan Travis (left) and 17-time Leakey Foundation grantee Jane Goodall (right) in 2018.

I’m Sharal Camisa Smith, executive director of The Leakey Foundation. This year, I’m celebrating 19 years of fulfilling work with The Leakey Foundation. In this job, I’ve had amazing experiences that have enriched my life beyond measure.

Together with the Foundation’s generous supporters, we have unlocked groundbreaking knowledge about our origins, empowered a global community of scientists, helped protect endangered primates, and provided educational opportunities that are free and accessible to everyone.

The Leakey Foundation is a unique organization that allows anyone to join in the search for answers to profound and fundamental questions about what it means to be human. This work is only possible because of our donors.

If you have never donated to the Foundation before, I invite you to join our mission and help uncover more of our shared human story.

To inspire your support, I will personally match 50 first-time donors who give $19 before February 28.

Please join me and be part of this incredible journey of exploration and discovery. Every gift makes a difference and I’m excited to welcome new donors to our Leakey Foundation community!

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