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Erin Vogel at the Houston Museum of Natural Science

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Who doesn’t love orangutans? These highly intelligent, critically endangered great apes that live in the tropical forests of Sumatra and Borneo have faces with such character, such personality, they always make for great, powerful pictures. We are always excited when The Leakey Foundation funds another orangutan project, as we know amazing shots are forthcoming for our blog and social media.

A wild Bornean orangutan. Photo: Erin Vogel

If you love orangutans as much as we do and would like to hear about some of the exciting orangutan research being funded by The Leakey Foundation, get your tickets now for our upcoming speaker series lecture on March 1st at the Houston Museum of Natural Science, featuring four time Leakey Foundation grantee Erin Vogel, associate professor in the Department of Anthropology at Rutgers University.

Studying wild orangutans offers a unique opportunity to integrate metabolic physiology and health with foraging in an ecological context, providing a natural experiment to examine the multi-dimensional relationships of nutrition, energetics, and health. Primate dietary ecologist Dr. Erin Vogel will discuss how information from diet, behavior, and physiology can help us understand how orangutans are adapted for survival in Borneo’s forests and shed light on the current obesity epidemic in modern day humans.

You can get your tickets here. There are sure to be many wonderful pictures of these amazing creatures!

Photo credit: Mure Wipfli

This lecture is presented in partnership with the Houston Museum of Natural Science and the Houston Zoo. It is sponsored by The Brown Foundation, Inc. with additional support from Ann and Gordon Getty and Camilla and George Smith.

Visit Erin Vogel’s blog by clicking here.

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