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Grantee Spotlight: Kelly Ostrofsky

Leakey Foundation grantee Kelly Ostrofsky studies how wild apes move and climb in their natural habitats. As our closest living relatives, these apes provide an important comparative context for understanding how our ancestors may have moved and climbed.

Social Insecurity Stresses Chimpanzees

New research funded in part by The Leakey Foundation shows that male chimpanzees adjust their competitive behaviors when social relationships in their group are unstable.

National Parks Could Save Endangered Species

Research led by Leakey Foundation grantee Stacy Lindshield shows how protected areas like national parks are effectively preserving many mammal species in Senegal.

Grantee Spotlight: Benjamin Finkel

A lot of our understanding of aging comes from studying human societies, which share food extensively and care for the elderly, things that wild apes don’t do. So what does it mean to be an aging ape in the wild, who has to fend and forage for themselves?

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