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23 Grants Awarded in Fall 2011 Granting Session

We’re approaching the end of the year and the conclusion of our Fall 2011 Granting Session. Our Scientific Executive Committee (SEC) and outside peers have reviewed all applications, and have made their recommendations for funding distribution. This fall, we received 74 applications for grants in Behavioral and Paleoanthropology categories, of which the reviewers have recommended 20 grants for funding, totaling $254,287. The chart above shows the breakdown of recommended funding by subcategory of all the applications. Here are some quick facts about this fall’s session:

  • There were 35 applications in Paleoanthropology, and 39 in Behavioral
  • 8 applications were recommended in Behavioral for a total of $125,553.00
  • 12 applications were recommended in Paleoanthropology for a total of $128,734.00
  • 3 additional applications were funded by trustees of the Foundation for a total of $32,000.

Final approval of all grants were made at our December Board Meeting and Granting Session December 3.

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