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Episode 17: Being Human – Speaking of Sex

Humans are very verbal compared to other animals. We talk constantly, and our voices can signal many things beyond the meaning of our words. The human voice is also highly differentiated between the sexes.    In this live recording of our Being Human event in February 2016, Dr. David Puts explores how studying the human voice can be a good way to gain insight into human sexual selection.   Dr. Puts is an associate professor in the department of anthropology at Pennsylvania State University. His research focuses on the evolution and development of human sexuality and sex differences. He’s especially interested in how sex hormones influence our psychology, behavior, and anatomy—and how these traits were shaped by sexual selection.   About Being Human Being Human mixes short talks from great minds with fun hands-on experiments, drinks, conversation, and storytelling. Each month we explore different aspects of our evolution, our behavior, and the human experience.   Join us on July 28th for “Born and Evolved to Run” and learn about the evolution of our remarkable ability for long-distance running. Our speaker will be Dr. Daniel Lieberman of Harvard University.   Tickets are $10 and are available at   Being Human is a joint initiative of The Leakey Foundation and the Baumann Foundation.   Learn More Puts Lab at Pennsylvania State University   Sponsors The Being Human initiative of The Leakey Foundation and the Baumann Foundation. Dedicated to understanding modern life from an evolutionary perspective.   The Leakey Foundation   Adept Word Management


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