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Bonus Episode: Short and Sweat

Learn about the evolution of our extraordinary ability to cool ourselves down. Biological anthropologist Andrew Best discusses the past, present, and future of sweat in this special bonus episode.

About our guest

Dr. Andrew Best is a biological anthropologist at the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts who studies metabolism, endurance, and the evolution of sweat. Visit his website to learn more about him and his research.

Click here for a one-minute video about his Leakey Foundation-supported research project on the evolution of sweat glands.

Episode Transcript

Links to more sweaty science 

Open access research papers of interest


This episode was produced by Ray Pang. To keep up with and learn more about his work, follow Ray at @PangRay on Twitter. 

Our editor is Audrey Quinn. Meredith Johnson is the host and executive producer of Origin Stories.

Music by Henry Nagle and Lee Roservere.

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