Give to the Primate Research Fund

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Long-term studies of primates in the wild help us understand our closest living relatives. Long-term research is also necessary to protect vulnerable primates that stand at the brink of extinction.

The Leakey Foundation’s Primate Research Fund helps keep long-term primate research sites going – no matter what. 

A grant from the Primate Research Fund is a lifeline for projects facing gaps in funding or other unexpected emergencies. Since this program launched in 2017, we have awarded 15 emergency grants.

During this global pandemic, we are receiving more applications than ever before. We need your help.

Your donation will protect vulnerable primates while supporting primate research sites and their local staff members.

Your gift will be quadruple-matched thanks to Anne and Jeff Maggioncalda and the Ann and Gordon Getty Foundation.

“The Primate Research Fund has been a life saver for our long-term project during a funding gap…The backbone of our project are highly knowledgeable local field assistants who have worked for the project since its inception. Most of the funds we received went to pay their salaries. Hence, The Leakey Foundation was also instrumental in helping local families during the COVID-19 emergency.”

Filippo Aureli, University of Vera Cruz
2020 Primate Research Fund recipient.