2015 Trip to South Africa

Leakey Foundation Fellows traveled from from Cape Town to Johannesburg to see extraordinary rock art, archaeological, and paleoanthropological sites. https://youtu.be/O8gtbGpKYKY  

2016 Trip to France

Lascaux 24290 Montignac, France

This eight-day tour includes visits to three world-class museums and ten famous prehistoric sites. You will be joined by luminaries including rock art expert Jean Clottes, archaeologist Harold Dibble, the Curator of Lascaux Muriel Mauriac, and artist Elisabeth Daynes.

2018 Fellows Tour – “Origins: China’s Early Human History and Prehistoric Culture”

Join The Leakey Foundation on a once-in-a-lifetime journey to China. 21st century China presents a unique combination of the very ancient and the very modern. Our 2018 Leakey Foundation Fellows Trip led by Dr. Steve Kuhn will combine the very best of both. This exciting and educational trip will combine behind-the-scenes exploration of China's early human history with luxury experiences in the exciting modern cities of Beijing and Shanghai.


2020 Fellows Tour: Origins – Ethiopia


Join The Leakey Foundation to learn about our human origins on a once-in-a-lifetime journey to Ethiopia. Stand on the site where Lucy was discovered. Experience a land of awe-inspiring physical beauty, extraordinary scientific research, ancient culture, unique traditions, and incredible food and coffee.