Lunch Break #2 • Lauren Schroeder Grantee Spotlight

Take a break from your day and feed your brain with The Leakey Foundation!

Meet Leakey Foundation grantee Lauren Schroeder and learn what it takes to study the skulls of early humans. This short interview is part of The Leakey Foundation’s weekly video series Lunch Break Science.


A Most Interesting Problem

Join The Leakey Foundation for a free virtual celebration of Darwin’s birthday and the 150th anniversary of the publication of "The Descent of Man." This event brings together seven world-class scholars and science communicators to explore what Darwin got right and what he got wrong about the origin, history, and biological variation of humans.

The Chimpanzee Within Us

ONE NIGHT ONLY! Anthropologists Alexandra Rosati and Zarin Machanda examine chimpanzee social lives, ecological context, and how they think and solve problems in this virtual lecture. Live April 7th at 4 pm Pacific - 5 pm Mountain - 6 pm Central - 7 pm Eastern only!

At the Root of Human Hair

American Museum of Natural History 56 West 81st St., New York, NY, United States

In this in-person talk, biological anthropologist Dr. Tina Lasisi teases out the mysteries behind why humans have scalp hair and why we may have developed different hair textures as we've evolved.