Reporting for Your Grant

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There are three required reports for your grant: Progress Report, Final Report and Final Financial report. We also ask that you include photos of yourself in the field.

Progress Report

Beginning in spring 2015, The Leakey Foundation now requires that new grantees participate in foundation outreach efforts by submitting content.  This content may take the place of the progress report.  Please click here to learn more about these requirements.

Final Report

Final reports are due after the completion of your grant period. Your contract letter should include the date on which we expect your final report.


  • Brief summary (~100-200 words) of results vs hypotheses written toward a moderately technical audience.
  • Brief summary (~100 words) of publication or plans for publication (if any).
  • Detailed description of results, including any figures or tables.
  • Provide a brief summary of the current status of the data sharing plan you submitted with your application (recommended). Please note: This applies to grants awarded in Spring 2014 or thereafter.
  • Results Reporting – Applicant Self Evaluation – Please provide a brief paragraph answering the following questions:
    • What were your research goals?
    • Did you achieve these goals?
    • What was/were your hypothesis(es)?
    • Was/were your hypothesis(es) supported?

Final reports should be submitted as PDFs to [email protected] or via real mail.

Financial Report

We require an official accounting statement from your university stating the final expenditure of funds for your project.


  • The Financial Report need not be itemized in accordance with your budget.
  • If any balance remains (above $50), it should be sent in the form of a check payable to The Leakey Foundation.
  • We do not require that the report be submitted in a specific format.
  • Financial reports should be submitted to [email protected] or via real mail.

Photo Guidelines

We require our grantees to submit photos of themselves at the end of their grant to be considered compliant.


  • Please submit at least two press-quality photos.
  • “Press Quality” means that photos should be over 1200×1200 pixels, in JPEG or TIFF format. Setting your digital camera to “Highest” quality (or similar) will usually satisfy this requirement.
  • Photos should clearly picture PI, co-investigators and research subjects if possible.
  • Photos should be taken at the research site if possible.
  • If possible, short videos of your dig or research subjects are encouraged.

We may use your photos in Leakey Foundation publications at any time in the future.
Photos should be submitted as JPEGs (.jpg files) to [email protected] or via real mail.